Sage Smudging Kit with Fossilised Dish

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Cleanse your home and crystals with sage and use the beautiful fossilised dish to collect the ash. The Rose Quartz crystal will bring love into your home.



The popular Native American cleansing method of ‘sage smudging’ uses dried sage bundles to cleanse the home and items within it, to heal people of negative energy and for blessings. Although Abalone shells are traditionally used in some tribes for catching the ashes and embers, these beautiful fossilised dishes can be used for home decoration when you’re not burning sage!

The heart shaped Rose Quartz stone will be an ideal addition to your crystal collection because it is the universal stone of love. From self-love to romance, it promotes healthy relationships with everyone in your life, including yourself. Used since ancient times, it is ideal for encouraging connection, compassion, forgiveness and intimacy. Meditate with this stone to feel its power of unconditional love.


The fossilised dish measures 4.3″ x 4.3″.

The sage stick measures 4.5″ in length and has a 1.4″ bulb.

The Rose Quartz crystal dimensions are 1.2″ x 1″ and it will be packaged in a beautiful floral embroidered gift pouch.


The photo is for reference purposes only. Due to the unique nature of smudge sticks and crystals, each item varies in pattern, colour and shape. The dimensions are all approximate measurements.

Weight 162 g
Fossilised Dish Information

• The fossilised dish has no sharp edges

• The dishes may have imperfections and/or dents.

Packaging Details

• The Rose Quartz heart crystal will be packaged in a small gift bag (which makes a beautiful coin purse) in your choice of colour.

• The set will be packaged in bubble wrap and a cardboard postal box.

General Information

• Colours may vary slightly to expectations upon arrival of your order. This is due to the colour calibration of each individual internet device.

1 review for Sage Smudging Kit with Fossilised Dish

  1. Chris Thompson (verified owner)

    My girlfriend cleanses our flat regularly with sage and an abalone dish so thought I’d treat her to this little kit. She was so excited by the dish and said she will keep some jewellery in it when not using it for cleansing. She also loves the crystal, she put it straight in her handbag when I told her that it was pre-cleansed before being shipped. Won me some boyfriend points, thank-you!

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