Amethyst 925 Sterling Silver Necklace


Amethyst is associated with increasing spiritual awareness, inner peace, the healing of the body, mind and soul and much more.



Amethyst is a variety of Quartz and is associated with improving meditation, communication and balance while relieving stress, grief and irritability, dissolving negativity and balancing mood swings. The gemstone is also associated with stimulating the mind, increasing focus and improving motivation. These strong healing powers are just some of the precious properties of Amethyst and there are many more.

Product Details
• Chain details: 18″ 925 Sterling Silver chain
• Gem details: length: 1.75″, width: 0.5″
• Design: A small, smooth piece of Amethyst. It is on a delicate and lightweight necklace chain with a rounded clasp for fastening.

• The gemstone has been carved smooth and has no sharp edges
• The gemstone has been collected from natural sources and may have imperfections and/or dents.

• The necklace is packaged in an organza material bag, making it ideal for giving as a gift
• Gift boxes are available for an extra £1 fee.

• The hook used to attach the gemstone to the chain is gold plated but the chain and links used are 925 Sterling Silver. The metals will retain their colour longest when protected from water and perfume
• Colours may vary slightly to expectations upon arrival of your order. This is due to the colour calibration of each individual internet device.