Jewellery Repairs

Before taking your jewellery to an expensive repairs shop or high street jewellers, why not see if we can help? We may need some details in order to give you a precise quote, but a breakdown of our service can be found below.

Links/ Clasp Replacement

from £2.99

Have your broken or rusted replaced with a shiny, new lobster clasp or an eye-catching toggle!

We have silver plated, gold plated and sterling silver options available depending on what you’re looking for!

Jewellery Re-Stringing

from £5.49

Has your bracelet, anklet or necklace snapped? Send us the beads to have them re-strung onto mono-filament or elastic.

Request a quote below if some beads or charms are missing so we can organise replacements for you.

Earring Hook Replacement

from £2.99

Do you love your earrings but hate the rusted or unhygienic old hooks?

Have your earrings hooks replaced with brand new stainless steel or 925 sterling silver fishhooks.

Jewellery Chain Replacement

from £2.99

If your charm(s) and/or bead(s) are in good condition but the chain has rusted, we can replace the chain to make your jewellery look new again!

Charm Replacement

from £2.99

Is your charm bracelet, anklet or necklace missing some charms? Send us your jewellery to have the charm(s) replaced!

We have a variety of silver plated options to choose between!

Links, Chain & Charm Repairs

from £3.49

Has your chain bracelet, anklet or necklace broken? Whether a link has come loose or a charm or lobster clasp has fallen off, this is the service for you!


Request your free quote!


Please securely package the item when posting it so no damage occurs during its journey to us. Bubble wrap is perfect for delicate items. We advise that you send the item to us via recorded delivery so that you can obtain proof when we receive it, although this isn’t essential. When we receive the item, we will contact you to confirm this and to also confirm that we can repair it for the quoted price.

We cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages in the post so please understand that sending items for repair is undertaken at your own risk.

Please note that after receiving an item it may turn out that we cannot actually fix it. In this instance, we will contact you immediately via your preferred contact method to suggest modifications that could be made to improve the look of your item. If the provided options aren’t ideal for you, your payment will be refunded and your item will be returned to you.