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Spring Time

The grass is returning to a beautiful and refreshing green colour and the birds are happily singing, presumably celebrating the changing temperatures as the chill of winter leaves the air. We watch as the tiny flower buds begin to peek through the soil while we decorate our homes with daffodils to bring the magic of the changing season into our homes.

As we pack away our winter snow boots and excessively warm jackets to store until Autumn rolls around, we fill our YouTube playlist with videos of newborn spring lambs and bunnies happily bouncing around fields of freshly growing green grass and ducklings learning to swim.

It may not be time to pack away your umbrella just yet, but sunnier days are on the horizon and it’s the perfect time of year to begin decorating your garden. Plant some seeds and ask at your local garden centre for ones that will bloom to attract bumble bees and butterflies to your garden. It’s the perfect time of year for visiting a farmers market, flying kites and picking berries at a local berry farm.

To keep children occupied, why not take them on a nature walk to search for newborn animals, budding flowers and to feed the ducks at the local pond? Encourage them to play in the garden to search for lucky four-leaf clovers or make daisy chains while you get the barbecue set up for tea. Other fun and crafty activities include making fresh lemonade, making and decorating bird feeders for your garden and painting plant pots for your summer flower display. Play with bubbles in the garden to tire them out and make sure they sleep through the night, ready for more spring time fun in the morning.

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