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Relaxing Indoor Activities

You might be in the process of ticking off your outdoor activity to do list (check out our top ideas here) but don’t forget that it’s dangerous to spend too long in the sunshine – it damages our skin and can leave us with painful dehydration-induced headaches. Get yourself indoors and see what else the world has to offer. And for everyone else: if your hayfever is rendering you house-bound and the idea of a day out seems like it will be impossible until autumn rolls around, never fear – we’ve got you covered!

Whether you love to enjoy active days out, romantic days out or seeing artistic masterpieces with your own eyes, there really is something for everyone in this incredible world we live in. The following activities can be enjoyed alone or with your loved ones, whether your partner, children or friends.

Enjoy the arts

There is so much incredible artistic talent in this world just waiting to be seen.
• Explore a museum
• Visit an art gallery. You might even leave feeling inspired to start an art project!
• Book a space in a wine tasting evening or afternoon
• Attend an indoor craft fair

Water-related fun

• Take a trip to a sea life centre to be reminded of the beauty of the natural world
• Visit an indoor swimming pool or water park and enjoy the slides!

Appreciate everyone’s hobbies

• Watch each other’s favourite movies or sports
• Book tickets for a sports match to attend with your nearest and dearest or attend a stadium tour to see the team’s trophies and explore backstage at the stadium. Many tour guides will take you to visit everything from the player’s locker room to the boxes where VIPs sit by the pitch on match days
• Browse a local bookstore or library and each find your favourite book for another family member or your partner to buy and take home
• Attend a comic-con (a comic book convention) and dress up as your favourite comic book character

Enjoy taking things slowly

• Visit an arcade and win a cute teddy (or three) to take home
• Play video games in your pyjamas
• Buy a jokes book and make everyone laugh until they cry
• Go window shopping and get to know each other’s tastes
• Stop every time you see a garage sale and have a browse for long-lost treasures
• Visit the cinema and buy tickets for the first movie title that catches your eye.

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