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8 Reasons to Go Make Up Free This Summer

When you think about it, summer time is ideal for those of us who want to take a break from the plight of wearing makeup daily. The sun gives our skin a natural glow and make up will only melt on your skin anyway!

From exasperating unhealthy skin conditions to being unable to swim out of fear of your mascara running, there are so many reasons why you should give your skin a break this summer. We have collected 8 of the best reasons to help encourage you to look after your skin during the upcoming months.


‘Cause who wants sweaty skin?!

As any of us who have ever run for the bus can confirm, make up often runs when we’re warm and sweaty. When out in the sunshine on a hot, humid day, we will get sweaty with very little exercise or movement and our full face of makeup will begin to, for lack of a better word, melt and slide off your face in a sticky mess. This is not an ideal look and it’s unsurprisingly quite uncomfortable too! If you’re partaking in summer activities like relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea, doing yoga or taking walks in the sun, you’re honestly better off without a sweaty face caked in makeup.

The sun dries the skin

Those with bad spots or acne-prone skin may cringe at the idea of leaving the house without make up and we get it, we really do. It’s honestly not doing your skin any good though, as even the best quality makeup blocks pores. The heat of the sun dries out skin, encouraging pores to close up and giving it a chance to heal. It’s not all good though, as explained by Annette King, global director of education at Dermalogica. “The sun exposure will also cause dehydration, which in turn stimulates oil production as your skin tries to correct the issue. That, of course, means you will end up with another breakout.” So basically, avoid the products and give your skin a break. Use a high quality sun cream and most of all, enjoy the sun in moderation!

Give it a break

If you’re taking time off to spend outdoors, your skin should get a break too! Treat it to a natural glow and let your pores breathe without being coated in make up, creams and chemicals.
After only a couple of days of freeing your skin from everything from foundation to primer, concealer, blusher and the rest of the contents of your makeup bag, you will honestly feel better for it and your skin will thank you for it by looking visibly brighter and healthier.

Mascara hates water

Mascara hates sweat, water and especially swimming. If you live in, or are visiting, somewhere with a lot of sunshine and humidity, waterproof mascara is the obvious choice. But after a few days without a daily coating of lash-drying-out mascara, you will see that this truly is the right option. Your lashes will toughen up, becoming stronger and over time, noticeably thicker.

It will affect your tan

After removing the make up that’s covered your face all day, you will more than likely find that while your body has become a naturally sun-kissed tanned colour, your face still looks the exact same colour as it did before you put the makeup on. As you top up your tan, you may have to use more bronzer to give the impression that your face is the same shade of brown as the rest of yourself. Save all the stress and let your face see the sun!

You will save money

As noted in the previous point, buying a darker shade of foundation, bronzer and also buying waterproof mascara is all unnecessarily expensive when you could simply go without. Why waste money on extra products when you could buy a new beach bag, sandals and lilo for the pool or sea?

You will take better care of your skin

When our skin is make up free, we notice our spots and blemishes more easily. But if you decide that make up isn’t the option you want to go with for the appearance of good skin, you will find that you’re more likely to take the time to take care of your skin. Eating healthier, drinking more water and less soda are the easiest ways to do this, followed by the use of hydrating face masks and eye-bag serums. Plus, it’s easier to moisturise and top up sun cream when you’re not worried about ruining your makeup!

You will save SO much time

Maybe best of all, you will save anything between 10 and 30 minutes of your day. Depending on how many products we use, some of us spend much longer than others perfecting our look, but when going make makeup free, that time is shortened to 0! Spend that extra time in the sunshine.. summer only comes around once a year – why would you want to waste your time indoors in front of a mirror?

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  1. Interesting points although not sure I can cope every day without makeup! Will try harder though as we’re having a belter of a summer this year!!

    1. It’s easier said than done but your skin will definitely thank you for it! 🙂

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