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About HNS

Our Products and Services

It can be really difficult to choose gifts for girls, but Her Next Smile is here to help. Whether shopping for yourself or a girlfriend, friend or family member, show that you care with something special and unique!


We have a stunning range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a wide variety of vibrant colours and styles, including a collection of stunning natural Agate gemstone necklaces. Many of our greetings cards are handmade and feature handwritten titles.


We also have a jewellery repairs service –  please click here for more information.


Items will be marked when sold out and you may not see the exact same products in stock again, so be careful not to let anyone else beat you to it!

Quality Standards

We do a quality standards check on all our products before posting them but if your item gets damaged in the post, we can help. Please contact us for more details.


Shopping with HNS

Her Next Smile does not have a minimum delivery charge and we work with PayPal to ensure payments are dealt with professionally.


You do not need a registered account to access and check out your basket, but it takes less than two minutes to create one for quicker checkout next time you shop with us!


Items will stay in your basket for up to an hour before they are returned to the store to give others a chance to buy them.

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