Your Collections

My collections are your collections. I recreate a limited number of items from requisition orders and name that collection based on the original buyer preference. Find out how to get your own collection today by contacting me.

Creating the Collections

Proudly using ethically sourced materials, Her Next Smile LTD manufactures a wide range of handmade jewellery pieces and limited edition gifts. That’s great and all, but what separates me from other jewellery designers?

Why Her Next Smile is Different

Her Next Smile is one of the few jewellery companies that gives you complete creative freedom over your pieces.

Over 80% of my handmade jewellery is customisable. Most companies and designers will only give you two necklace length options, but I offer multiple extendable options to choose between. You can choose your favourite charm when ordering most crystal bracelets, plus many earring designs are customisable.

I will never sell jewellery which has been pre-made and sold by a wholesale supplier. I think that’s an attack on your individualism.

I add new handmade jewellery weekly so there’s always something new to find!

I have worldwide connections in specialist markets, allowing you to order bespoke customised items 365 days of the year.

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