925 sterling silver necklaces

We are proud to choose beautiful, high quality pendants for every necklace.

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Gemstone bracelets

We choose high quality gemstone beads to create our handmade bracelets.

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Gemstone earrings

Amethyst Moon Earrings

Get ready for summer with our handmade earrings, some of which are available with matching necklaces.

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Keyrings & bag charms

We choose beautiful and durable gemstones for our handmade keyrings.

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Greetings cards

Our handmade greetings cards are perfect for every occasion.

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Jewellery repairs

Have your favourite jewellery repaired for an affordable price.

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Our Range & Collections

Proudly using materials sourced ethically, Her Next Smile LTD manufactures a wide range of limited edition exotic gifts and jewellery pieces. That’s great and all but what separates us from other jewellery designers?

Why We're Different

We offer limited edition collections so not everyone has the same thing which has been bought from a wholesale supplier and sold by third parties to you. We think that’s an attack on your individualism.

We have worldwide connections in specialist markets, allowing you to order bespoke customised items 365 days of the year.

Request to be anonymous and keep your details discreet so he’ll never how much you’ve spent this month and her birthday gift will stay a surprise!

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Our Collections

Our collections are your collections. We recreate a limited number of items from requisition orders and name that collection based on the original buyer preference.

Find out how to get your own collection today by contacting us.